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My Twisted Mystic

Sage Sampler Smudge Kit

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Sage Sampler includes: Seven Smudge Sticks and Five Palo Santo Sticks. A wonderful array of smudge sticks ( also called bundle) and a great way to sample each one.  Their fragrance can be alluring, and some will say they each possess their own mystical and enchanting properties. Each piece is a unique, natural product and may vary slightly in characteristics.  Each kit contains    1 -White & Red Sage Bundle,  1 -White Sage & Lavender Bundle, 1-Red Mountain Sage w/ Dragon's Blood Resin, 1-White Sage w/ Panicum Milacea, Mullein Flower, & Statice Bundle, 1-Red Mountain Sage w/ Frankincense, Myrrh, & White Copal Resin, 1- White Sage w/ Rose Petals Chakra Bundle     1-  Yerba Santa w / Statice & Mullein, 5 Palo Santo Sticks